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BT Group plc has just published its latest annual report for the year ended 31 March 2018, a .pdf of which is available here. This is a hefty document primarily for shareholders detailing the activities of the telecommunications and technology giant, including the research and development operation that is a 2-IMMERSE partner. We are delighted that on page 38 2-IMMERSE is one of two BT R&D projects highlighted in the report. Under the heading ‘Making it interactive with MotoGP’ our 2-IMMERSE prototype is illustrated and described like this:

We’re researching new forms of TV production that enable content producers to offer better multi-screen interaction. Viewers can control and personalise what they watch across TVs, tablets and smartphones. This could include extra graphics, or split audio and video, depending on the viewer’s focus.

We could hardly have put it better ourselves!

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