We usually announce new videos through a blog post, but in case you missed one, here is a growing table of videos that we have created during the project.

1Theatre at home use case
2min 40seconds
Showing the first use case developed by 2-Immerse, this shows the Theatre AT Home Experience, a multi screen designed to recreta some of the rituals of watching theatre - from the comfort of your own sofa.
2Are three screens better than one?
2min 01sec
2Immerse explored different presentations of football using multiple large screens. This video shows some key sequences from the game presented as single or multiple screen experiences. We used this content to conduct an assessment with over 200 school age children as part of British Science Week.
3Instructional video for the MotoGP experience
4min 22sec
This video is the "How To" video that was available within the MotoGP experience in order to instruct users about the features available. It gives an good indications of some of controls and options available to users.
4The MotoGP at Home experience

3min 56sec
This video shows the multi-screen MotoGP at Home Experience developed by 2-IMMERSE
5The MotoGP at Home experience at BT Innovations 2017

2-IMMERSE at BT's Innovation 2017 Event. Andy Gower from BT, lead designer for the MotoGP at Home Experience talking to Craig Doyle BT Sport presenter about the Prototype Demo of MotoGP at BT Innovations event from June 2017.
4 mins 03 secs
6The Production Tools
2 mins 42
Introducing the 2-IMMERSE work on the development of production tools for live multi screen experiences.
7On Boarding
2min 03seconds
Showing the 2_IMMERSE onboarding solution allowing devices to establish, discover and join multi screen experiences.
8Year 2 progress
3min 30seconds
Showcasing the progress 2_IMMERSE has made at the end of its second year.
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