To be successful 2-IMMERSE must develop multi-screen prototype services to a state that enable service providers to make informed decisions about whether they should develop the ideas towards large scale services. To do this successfully will require the navigation of number of key challenges:

Production The development of multiscreen experiences that utilise object based broadcasting ideas will require changes in the production process. Currently broadcasters produce content for TV that is composited prior to broadcast. In a multi-screen experience content object will be composited on multiple variable and arbitrary screens available at the point of consumption. Making these content objects available will require changes in the production process and workflow. The challenge is to make this is as simple as possible.

Personalisation The multi-screen experiences we envisage can be personalised to suit the preferences and device capabilities of each viewer. Device capabilities can be divined automatically. A key challenge though will be to understand how to manage user preferences and how to manage individual profiles.

Presentation It is not immediately obvious what content needs to be displayed on each device nor how on a given device to present the content available. A key challenge will be to create a user experience engine that controls which content is presented on which screens, when it is sensible to present it there and how it is presented.

Participation To develop prototypes that enable service providers to make informed decisions about whether to develop the prototype services at scale will require participation of stakeholders across the value chain. Many, but not all of these stakeholders are present in the consortium. A key challenge will be to secure the active participation of rights holders, production tools vendors and end-users in the evaluation of the prototypes we design and develop

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