Four prototype personalised multi screen services will be developed. These will showcase the kind of experiences made possible by the 2-IMMERSE platform. We hope they will act as a starting point for others who wish to develop commercial experiences that may address content genres and contexts including, but not limited to, those we are working on in this project.

theatreathomesmallWatching theatre at home - Slideshow

This scenario is being developed to support friends coming together in a virtual theatre box to enjoy a live filmed production of play whilst gaining additional related content and communications capabilities on their personal screens.
theatreatschoolsmallWatching Theatre in Schools - Slideshow

This scenario envisages pupils being able to augment the main filmed presentation of a play with access to related supporting content and experiences to help them deepen their understanding of the play. This could include text, films and even live communication session with the actors and other creative talent associated with the production.
motorportinthehomesmallWatching track racing sport at home - Slideshow

This scenario seeks to explore how coverage of MotoGP could be adapted to suit presentation on multiple screens and support the diverse needs of viewers with different levels of understanding about the sport.
Watching a big sport event in a social spaceWatching a big sport event in a social space - Slideshow

This scenario explores how the experience of watching key sporting events in a public space, such as a club or a leisure centre could be enhanced by providing additional content to the viewers mobile devices. The scenario will explore how the additional screens can be used to increase engagement and enjoyment with the event and to drive engagement and revenue for the venue. The prototypes developed by the project will help industry decide whether the prototype services can be developed into new services after the project ends.