KISS: Keep It Simple, Stupid

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It’s easy to find yourself going off on one – and useful to be called back.
That happened to me the other day when I was speaking to some BT TV colleagues about our work on the Sport in Pubs Prototype. These colleagues have been serving the Pub market with TV deals for years. They understand it.
I pitched what we are planning in 2-Immerse to this team. The response I got was cool, but helpful. In general I surmised they thought that there may be something in what we’re doing but the ideas we have had so far – and the way we present them, are not going to impress pub chains. This is the key stuff I think I need to remember:
1. “Our” customer is the landlord or the pub chain, not the punter
2. Keep it simple
3. A bad result for a landlord is for people to leave/(not enter) the pub because they can’t /(expect to not be able to) see the match. Ergo. Use all screen real estate to show the match not the “fluff” (stats, replays, manager cam, etc)
4. In pitching to pub chains try not to be too prescriptive. It may be worth telling the story of football in pubs (1990 England vs Germany newspapers reporting ‘the pubs will be empty’; B&W TV on the bar; projection TVs, very large screens; and now multiple flat panels giving lien of sight to all corners of a pub) and emphasise that what we want to do is to further improve the experience of watching football out of the home.
5. The personal mobile screen may be valuable for the “fluff”.
6. Experiences that are bespoke to the user, and in particular to the user in that pub, may make sense and it may be good to concentrate on developing such experiences.
7. Different audio (no commentary, selectable commentary) were better received as ideas than the video based stories in the deck.
8. Do try and build stories that may enhance the social nature of watching Sport in a pub

We must adapt our current use case to fit with this…
All feedback, I was once told, is a gift.

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