News from NEMSummit 2017

DOUG WILLIAMS from BT R&D reports from Madrid: For the last couple of days I have been at the NEM Summit 2017 in Madrid. This is an annual gathering of researchers and people from the [...]


Sports streaming – coming up short?

Although the 2-IMMERSE project is ultimately about building a platform, two of our prototypes are focussed on sports streaming. So the current state of play in this market is obviously of [...]


It’s trial time!

DOUG WILLIAMS from BT writes: Will the system work? We are in the final throes of preparing for the MotoGP at Home trial, as the boxed up “kits” above demonstrate.  Anyone who has been in that [...]


Making object-based CAKE at BBC R&D

Object-based media production, which is a central principle underpinning 2-IMMERSE, is being intensely developed by our colleagues at BBC R&D. Freely available online are resources that [...]

Theatre at Home prototype video

We are pleased to share the first video from the project. This introduces and offers a simple demonstration of the first prototype from 2Immerse, creating a multi-screen experience to enhance the [...]