Beyond the video wall – responsive content projection

TIM PEARCE from BBC R&D writes: In the 2-IMMERSE project we are aiming to create a platform which will enable content creators to author multimedia experiences which adapt to the different [...]


More?!! A first look at MPEG-MORE

Sometimes standards make all the difference.  In this technical post, MARK LOMAS from BBC R&D looks at some standards that seem relevant to the delivery of multi-screen experiences.  The [...]


Designing Production Tools for Interactive Multi-Platform Experiences

BRITTA MEIXNER, JEI LI and PABLO CESAR from CWI Amsterdam write about one of the key challenges for the 2-IMMERSE project: Recent technical advances make authoring and broadcasting of interactive [...]


HbbTV 2: a note on the state of play

MICHAEL PROBST from IRT writes: Hybrid Broadcast Broadband TV (HbbTV), as Wikipedia details, is both an industry standard (ETSI TS 102 796[1]) and promotional initiative for hybrid digital TV to [...]