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Welcome to the 2-Immerse Architecture and API Reference.  The diagram below shows the services and application stacks defined for the first version of the technical architecture. For simplicity, all services are shown here as hosted in the cloud, although the project will also enable a limited number of services to be hosted in the client environment (home/school/pub).

Key technical use cases illustrating how the services and client applications interact to realise system functionality are detailed here

The current list of DMApp components is here.

Click on the diagram or the lists below for more information about the API associated with each service or component.

2-Immerse Architecture

Origin Server/CDNService RegistryLoggingAnalyticsContent ProtectionIdentity and AuthenticationSessionCall ServerTimelineLayoutSync
ServiceClientCloudResponsibilityAPI ConsumersComments
Service Registry
XXCisco (James)EveryoneCould use Consul or SpringCloud open source implementations.
Device Discovery
(inc. DIAL client and server)
XIRT (Michael)
BBC (Rajiv)
Web AppIncludes native components in client and TV (server) – DIAL.
UX Engine (integration)
a) Timeline
b) Layout
c) Server-based Composition
XXa) CWI (Jack)
b) Cisco (James)
c) -
a) Layout (others tbd)
b) Web App
We need to define format of timeline metadata and expression of layout.
Timeline Synchronisation
a) In Home
b) Between Home
XXa) BBC (Rajiv)
b) Rajiv/Jack
a) Timeline, Web App, Server Comp.
b) Timeline, Web App, Server Comp.
Wall clock sync will be handled by native component (DVB-CSS).
Content Protection/Licensing ServiceXBT (Jonathan)N/A for home theatre trialFor the home theatre trial, this is only access control to content. Propose we use CENC and a key pre-loaded on the TV device.
Identity Management and Authentication(+ registration web component)XBBC (Mark)Web App, Session ServiceIndividual and Household identities are different and don’t necessarily have a fixed mapping.
Includes user profile management
Session ServiceXBBC (Mark)Web App, all micro servicesSingle Sign-on, access token granting, resolving identity of signed-in user.
Call Server (SIP)
(+ WebRTC web component and native plugin)
XBBC (Mark)Lobby (possibly)
AnalyticsXBT (Ian)NoneSome real-time analytics may be provided in later use cases.
LoggingXBT (Ian)Everyone
Origin Server/CDNXCisco (James)Web App, Server Comp., Timeline, LayoutAll content and metadata will be delivered via the Origin Server/CDN.
LobbyXBBC (Mark)Web AppLobby facilitates synchronisation between layout contexts.
Context=group of devices in a home
Synchronisation Context=group of multiple contexts
Websocket ServiceXXCisco (James/Erik)Clients and services that need push notificationsPush notifications will be sent to clients via Websocket service.
Shared State ServiceXCisco (James/Erik)Clients (components) and services that need shared state perisistence / notifications


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